About us

Ulusoy Packaging is an institution active in the promotion and publicity textile industry with environmentally friendly products. Our team in the organization; textile design, promotion, industrial design, advertising, public relations and media that have experienced dynamic team Ulusoy packaging, the design and production team, in cloth bags and packaging products with high production capacity.

Environment promotional products and textile products specific to customer and product-oriented production also makes Ulusoy Packaging, ‘less consumption for healthy generations in a cleaner world’ in contact with the subject of the use of sustainable and recyclable products moving R & D and continues its innovation work.

Ulusoy Packaging, future generations a healthy, clean and to leave a livable world, producing products and projects for the efficient use of limited resources, implement and provide a leading provider of services in this area.

To future generations a healthy, clean and leave a habitable world; Disrupt the natural balance of production and damage to the environment during and after use in order to obtain consumption habits, soluble in natural environments and we are producing the raw materials used in recycling.

Recycled in production towards the efficient use of resources verge of extinction in our world and we use recyclable materials.


Our vision: “Less consumption, more in a clean world for healthy generations” contact with the road going Ulusoy packaging, high quality, healthy, clean and create a livable world for nature based on knowledge and productivity “visual” and not “spontaneity of” sensitive products and servicesIt has adopted the present policy.


Mission: Geography is also eco-friendly textiles, advertising and promotional products market leader, to institutions with projects and design ideas on green technology aims to be +1 quality value-added enterprises.